Mustache Arcade – Level 34

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Hey hey we’re back again, sans Spaghetti but we’ll get him next time. In the meantime though its your favorite fun guys, Player 3, Ranticorn, and Chocolate Rasputin. We talk about games and stuff and upcoming game movies. Mostly just the one with the trailer below. Have a listen.

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MA Presents: Player 3’s Gentleman’s corner – Destiny: The Taken King


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So here is another review from the gentlemen. Come take a listen to what is fixed and what is still wrong with Destiny. I shouldn’t be writing this I am biased but hey, Player 3 didn’t want to.


MA Presents: The Ranticorn review – Blues and Bullets


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Elliot Ness is back and in an action packed yet intriguing story. I can’t wait to see just how it will unfold and what he will do while on the search for Capone’s daughter.



Give it a go

Mustache Arcade – Level 33

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Spaghetti is back and boy this WAS a long one. I say was because of an editing issue that I will get into at the top of the show. That being said though it is a fun time to be had by all and a lot of laughs ensue with the given material. So now if you would, enjoy what remains of episode 33.


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It occured to me late that a question we answered in great detail was cut off. The question was what is your favorite game music. So instead of the answer in the podcast Player three and Ranticorn made their own you tube playlists of their top 10 favorite game musics (in no particular order) enjoy.


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MA Presents: Player 3’s Gentleman corner: Life is Strange Ep 1

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Player 3 sits down with The Ranticorn to discuss “Life is Strange episode one”. Talking about it here would be a wast of time since it is a review so just take a listen.

Mustache Arcade – Level 32

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Time for another game show. Not too much to say about this one other than it’s great. Doubt me? Find out for yourself. Let’s get into level 32 shall we?

Also Rare Replay is 100% worth it’s 30$ price.

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