The Chronicler Podcast – Shelby Part 1

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It’s been quite some time to be sure but here we are again with a new episode of The Chronicler Podcast. This episode is part one of an interview with my sister Shelby and it’s a hell of an episode. She falls down A LOT. Also I think it need explaining that I got a cat during the hiatus so there are things you will hear that don’t make sense, chances are that it’s because of her. Anyway enjoy.

All the Fuss – 1

So here we go. Long time listeners will remember this show. This is all the fuss and it is the only show we can produce at this time (and not even that frequently). It’s All the Fuss, a cover all show hosted by Player 3 and Ranticorn. This episode we are talking about 90s TV, mostly power rangers, and it goes to some fun areas. I should also note that the interesting thing is that this show is a “one and done” meaning minimal editing so you guys get all the nitty gritty. We are posting this under the Mustache Arcade tag since this is a temporary show and it is the voice you know and love of 2 of the 3 Arcadians. Have a listen won’t you?

Videos of things we talked about too


Mustache Arcade – Level 34

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Hey hey we’re back again, sans Spaghetti but we’ll get him next time. In the meantime though its your favorite fun guys, Player 3, Ranticorn, and Chocolate Rasputin. We talk about games and stuff and upcoming game movies. Mostly just the one with the trailer below. Have a listen.

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MA Presents: Player 3’s Gentleman’s corner – Destiny: The Taken King


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So here is another review from the gentlemen. Come take a listen to what is fixed and what is still wrong with Destiny. I shouldn’t be writing this I am biased but hey, Player 3 didn’t want to.


The Chronicler Podcast – Mike

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The final campground edition is here. We wrap it up with a chat with my Dad as he shares with us his fears of out of control cars, the dangers of swimming with alligators, and the pain of breaking both your shoulders. Have a listen why not.