The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays: SCP Containment Breach (Part 4)

The moral of this episode: no one listens to Jec, but they should. His plans work.

Due to a game glitch which caused all of the buttons for the elevator to disappear, trapping us in the basement, we decided to entertain our audience with a new game rather than starting over again. The bug has been reported on the official forum for SCP: Containment Breach.

Thus this is the final chapter in the horrific adventures of The FedExecutioner. He/she will be missed.

So next week, a new game with new jokes and new newness will begin! Enjoy our final romp through the horrors of SCP: Containment Breach. And you should download and play the game for yourself. It is awesome.


The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays: SCP: Containment Breach (Part 1)

Ah yes. The task of trying to get Derrick to quit the show continues with the legitimately terrifying, free-to-download game SCP: Containment Breach.

This episode is not all screaming at the monsters, nor will further episodes with this game be so one dimensional either. The game has a deep sense of history even outside of the main driving force, for it is based on the SCP lore. If you are a SCP fan, I am sure you will love seeing the world come to life. If you have no idea what SCP is, you should check it out:

This is the latest version of the game to date (version 0.7.4), and so far I like the changes.

Enjoy the episode! I command it!


My Computer’s Insatiable Appetite for Destruction

Hello, peoples. Jec here.

Due to, theoretically, no fault of my own, my computer has destroyed the final episode of Rig ‘N’ Roll. So no West Virginia Senior Swingers Club this week. You have my deepest apologies.

But good news, everyone! Next Monday, we shall be kicking off our newest game. “I can’t wait! What is it?!” you may be asking, foaming at the mouth while you claw at the monitor. It’s a surprise. You’ll have to find out next week.

So check out our new episode and game next week, and check out Underqualified on Wednesday.

So in our absence, here is a video by the people who impress us time and time again… When will they notice us?!