Before and After – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


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Ho Ho How are you all doing? Merry Christmas and thanks for thinking of your friends here at Finely Groomed. So now here we are with a Christmas special, Rare Exports. This is a Finnish movie where half of the case is in subtitles (so is the trailer, sorry) and the crew has some mixed reactions to the film. Due to finals Jackie could not join us for this round but she got an A so good thing she missed it. Enjoy the podcast!

This Site Must Be a Carriage; Because, We’re Driven by Ponies!

Who knew there was a quickly growing subsect of well dress, well manicured My Little Pony (R) fans who hail under a banner labeled “Finely Groomed”? To cater to our newly found audience of 9,221 people, we will be launching a few new items and shows to the site:

– A My Little Pony (R) Grooming Simulator

– The Bronies Against Phonies Podcast

– Every Friday we will be giving out prizes to the authors of the best My Little Pony (R) fan fiction that is emailed to us during the week (the prizes are a surprise and vary, so please refrain from asking what they are).

All three new additions to the website launch today!

If you have any questions, want to praise us for being amazing or want to send us your My Little Pony (R) fan fiction submission, please do not hesitate email us at

All Glory to the Hypnopony!


Good Heavens. Forget the time, look at the date.

We are now live!

The time has come! is now officially up and posting! We will work hard each week to produce humorous content for you to enjoy!

On the roster this week, Angry Shepard is posted on

On Wednesday, The first episode of the podcast Underqualified goes up. (Email your questions for the next episode to:

On Friday, the first Blind Man and Useless Boy comic goes up.

Thanks for checking us out and enjoy the goods.



To the edge of the universe!

Beach adventure births new podcast

Jesse and I went on a vacation to the beach, and while we were there we spawned a new podcast for the people. It’s called “Before and After”. The two of us and possibly a guest look up a movie we’ve never heard of. We then watch the trailer and do a review based on the trailer. We then come back after watching it and review the movie itself. It’s quite fun. The first movie we watched was Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000. How did we feel about it you might be surprised. Check it out.