All the Fuss – 1

So here we go. Long time listeners will remember this show. This is all the fuss and it is the only show we can produce at this time (and not even that frequently). It’s All the Fuss, a cover all show hosted by Player 3 and Ranticorn. This episode we are talking about 90s TV, mostly power rangers, and it goes to some fun areas. I should also note that the interesting thing is that this show is a “one and done” meaning minimal editing so you guys get all the nitty gritty. We are posting this under the Mustache Arcade tag since this is a temporary show and it is the voice you know and love of 2 of the 3 Arcadians. Have a listen won’t you?

Videos of things we talked about too


All the fuss: Marquee Says…!

How do everyone movie announcements have been flooding out from IMDB and we felt it was time to do an episode to talk about the ones you may not have heard about. It’s a good one and possibly the jumping off point for something big, but that’s only in talks right now so stay tuned.

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Unfortunately these are the only trailers currently out.

You can find all these movies and more here

All the Fuss: The most solid snake

Down a man but not deterred its the All the Fuss crew. This week we chat about video games. We discus what we hope to see out of E3 this year. We talk about the things that make great games truly great. We also answer some questions from the listeners. It’s a good show if I do say so myself and I was there.

I knew there was a new trailer for Bioshock Infinite and here it is:

Also here is the latest Assassins Creed 3 trailer we we’re referring to:

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All the Fuss: Far off the rails

Here we go with the first episode of All the Fuss. My friends and I are happy to bring this to you listeners and hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

Here is part 1 of the captain planet episode: A formula for hate. If you need more head onto youtube and watch the rest you will be glad you did.

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Also in case you missed it here is that simpsons couch gag we were talking about