So in lieu of everything that’s happened, and the fact that player 3 and I have super limited time away from work, we are forced to limit our recording times. It’s not a full hiatus but it’s more of an unknown release schedule. We are still going to record when we can but there is no telling when the next episodes will be. Sorry everyone.
~Uncle Mustache

Sad news

For those of you who have been on the site for a long time you know Jackie Brown the co-host of the former Before and After podcast. She lost her mom this Halloween. She and her two younger sisters (23, 17, & 16) are the only ones responsible for the arrangements. Unfortunately her mother’s death was sudden and unexpected and she did not have any money at the time. Her younger sister Sammi set up a go fund me and anything you can donate helps.

You can find it here, and please spread the word. 


Hey everyone Clint here.  I know been a very long time since we had an update and I want to apologize for that. There have been some changes over at the finely groomed studios. One being that I will no longer be the host of mustache arcade. I may be on it from time to time but not constantly. I just got a new job and have been doing to much overtime to be a reliable part of the show. Derrick is currently editing and is taking some time learning how but a new episode will be coming.

The Return

So after I have been going about and going to school and what not, my return is nigh. Tonight we are recording a new episode of Before and After and we are going to be able to record more episodes of your favorite podcasts and shows. There will soon be more of Mustache Arcade, Before and After, A dapper stroll through, and we are trying to work out times for more episodes of West Virginia Senior Swingers Club. I am unaware of the status of Underquailifed but we will do what we can. Lets Bring in 2014 with a new group of fans and more entertainment for people who have been there from the beginning.


With a heavy heart…


I am here to announce that I will not be able to be part of the website for about 4 months. I am going on a hiatus because I am current attending training for a job that once I get will allow me to make bigger and better changes to the site. Seeing as I am the host of Mustache Arcade and Before and After I am handing the reigns down to my co hosts. The Mustache Arcade will now be host by Player 3 (whom I predict will call himself player 1), and Before and After will now be hosted by Miss Jackie Brown. The hosts have the ability to change the show how they like so I am curious to see how it will change. I may pop back into episodes if I randomly have the time but for the most part I am gone. Looking forward to seeing you all again upon my return and to see what will happen in my absence.Have fun the both of you.