Underqualified Jec Holden Christie Ichiban Con 2013 LABELED

Holden, Jec, and Christy

Underqualified is a podcast about people with the best of intentions. While each panelist may not have the personal experience or the proper education to aid others with their relationship issues, their vast knowledge of what not to do, what seems plausible in their favorite works of fiction, and what they think would be awesome can be surprisingly helpful.

Is it funny? Is it depressing? Is it helpful? You decide when three people who suffer from never having stable, long-term, or healthy relationships; or a plethora of other relationships issues attempt to aid others with their problems.

Underqualified is updated every two-weeks on Wednesday. So every other Wednesday.

Safely hidden behind the veil of anonymity, ask the nonprofessionals all your relationship questions.


To browse or listen to each episode, click here.

For more information on the host and each panelist, keep scrolling down.

The Good-For-Nothing Host:

Look at my new boots!

Name: Jec

What Makes a Good Date?: When no one leaves crying.

Best Place to Eat: The Chinese restaurant that is so rundown it looks closed.

Predominant Unqualification: I’ve only had three relationships in my life, none of which have lasted more than six months. That means I have been in a single RPG campaign longer than all of my relationships combined.

Your Fine-Lookin’ Co-Host:

Holden uq

Name: Just Holden

What Constitutes a Good Date?: A smile and a laugh.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Your mom’s house.

Predominant Unqualification: The uncertainty that I was truly in a relationship until someone calls me her “ex”.

Our Amazing Guests:

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Name: Clayton

What Constitutes a Good Date?: If she doesn’t cry.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: That place down the street that will not only deliver a sandwich, but also beer and cigarettes.

Predominant Unqualification: James Spader was in Tuff Turf with Robert Downey Junior, who was in Iron Man 2 with Mickey Rourke, who was in The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone, who was in Stop or My Mom Will Shoot with Estelle Getty, who was in The Golden Girls with Bea Arthur.

For additional Information on Clayton check out his twitter account: @theclaytonwick

Name: Amanda

What Constitutes a Good Date?: Not having to use an epi-pen or a tazer… and no one going to the hospital.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: The restaurant I work at- so my co-workers can silently judge my date and share their unwelcome opinions.

Predominate Unqualification: I dislike everyone I am ever in a relationship with.

Name: Bryan

What Makes a Good Date: When both parties like the other enough in the end to start making plans for another. When there is no spontaneous combustion involved out of sheer feeling of pure awkwardness.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Chipotle…duh.

Predominant Underqualification: Never had a relationship last more than three months. Last relationship not only lasted three months, but also a blue moon took place in the duration of said relationship, if that gives you an idea of how many relationships are pursued.

Name: Ariel

What Makes a Good Date?: Not having to end the night with a police escort for any persons involved.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Anywhere I don’t have to clean.

Predominant Unqualification: I possess an almost encyclopedic knowledge of comics books and horror movies, however obscure. Conversely, I am only mildly confident that I can fill in a blank map of the United States with at least 75% accuracy.

Name: Derrick Person Jr.

What Makes a Good Date?: Dinner and a movie or something.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Beef Burger. It’s horrible for you but they have everything.

Predominant Unqualification: The only real relationships I’ve had where online, and they didn’t last longer than two weeks.

Name: Christy

What Makes a Good Date?: Preferably not getting roofied.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: The Mexican place… then go for a car ride with the windows rolled up.

Predominant Unqualification: I spend more time complaining about my relationships than I do actually trying to enjoy them.

Name: Jenny Danger Crabcake

What makes a good date?: Not going home in a cab by yourself smelling like baby puke

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Wherever as long as I don’t have to eat mayonnaise or doodoo

Predominant Underqualification: I have a hard time understanding how people can’t understand what I’m saying, and I hate people. People; what a load of bastards.

guy uq

Name: Guy Gunn

What makes a good date?: A good date needs adventure and bonding.
If you walk side by side in an situation that forces adaptation you learn a lot about someone and their ability to communicate.
I also like Lazer tag on a real slow day.

Your Favorite Place to Eat: Share food. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as its not awful. If it’s early in the relationship, some social lubricant can help. Liquid courage.

Predominant Underqualification: Just recently I approached two attractive young collage girls to invite to an art opening I was promoting.
I looked a little more like a hobo than usual with torn up pants and a big sketchy coat. As I approached, they tilted up their heads and I unleash, “Hey I have this bus right around the corner.”




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