What Is Finelygroomed.com?

A fine question, sir or madam. Finely Groomed Studios is a place where information and comedy collide with the resulting explosion and aftermath to be the foundation of our content. All our shows, podcasts, etc hold that in common. We believe that humor and knowledge should stroll hand in hand together as they intrude into your brain.

The Schedule:

Mondays: The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays. A best-of, quick-cut video series where Jec (from Underqualified), Clint (from Mustache Arcade), and Derrick (from Before and After), get together and play a game for your entertainment. We cut the primest parts together into hilarious, easily digestible, ten minute segments for your entertainment. If you didn’t click the link above to watch it on our site, you can check that out on Finely Groomed Studio’s youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/FinelyGroomed

Wednesdays: Underqualified (bi-monthly). Relationship advice from people who are broken, defeated, disgruntled or terrified of relationships. The relationship inept or disgruntled cast answer your relationship questions and reveal all the secrets of a successful love life from theoretical and second-hand experiences. Check it out at: https://finelygroomed.com/category/podcasts/underqualified/

Wednesdays: Mustache Arcade (bi-monthly): Video game news and reviews woven through a barrage of jokes. Check it out at: https://finelygroomed.com/mustache-arcade/

On Days It Happens: Before and After: Movie reviews were rather than rating movies via some arbitrary number of stars, they explain how the movie made them feel using real-life, relateble analogies. Check it out at: https://finelygroomed.com/before-and-after/

The Finely Groomed Crew:

Name: Uncle Mustache

Jobs: Founder, Benevolent Overlord, Submarine Driver

Favorite Food: Squid

Name: Clint

Jobs: Animator, Artist, Writer, Host of Mustache Arcade, and co-host of Before and After

What Do You Do For Fun?: View, play, and live the strange, funny, and bizarre

Favorite Show to Watch on Netflix: Colombo, Archer, Bob’s Burgers

Favorite Shows to Watch Online: Anything by Egoraptor, Harry Partridge, or Two Best Friends Play

Favorite Podcasts: The Spill.com network, The Nerdist, and How Did This Get Made.

Most Inspirational Song: I Would Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf

If You Could Choose Your Last Words, What Would They Be?: “And… scene.”

Name: Jec

Jobs: Writer, Hosts the podcast Underqualified, Co-hosts the podcast Before and After, Lead Fashion Coordinator, Plays Mass Effect

What Do You Do For Fun?: Write, read books (novels, comics, manga), sew and cosplay, play games, talk to friends and strangers, eat non American food before ten P.M., go to diners after midnight

Most Visited Websites: Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Google.com

Favorite Websites: Isitchristmas.com, The-black-angel.com, wikipedia.org, scp-wiki.com

Favorite Shows to Watch Online: Two Best Friends Play, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?, Extra Credits, Check Point, The Guild

Greatly Inspired By: Shikhee (Android Lust), The Doctor, Papa Burch, Winston Churchill

If You Could Choose Your Last Words, What Would They Be?: “It’s alright, Doctor. It was wroth it…”


Have we done something wrong or awesomely right? Tell us!

For Clint, send an email to: finelygroomed@gmail.com.

For Jec, send an email to: underqualifiedpodcast@gmail.com

Stay Classy

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