So in lieu of everything that’s happened, and the fact that player 3 and I have super limited time away from work, we are forced to limit our recording times. It’s not a full hiatus but it’s more of an unknown release schedule. We are still going to record when we can but there is no telling when the next episodes will be. Sorry everyone.
~Uncle Mustache

Sad news

For those of you who have been on the site for a long time you know Jackie Brown the co-host of the former Before and After podcast. She lost her mom this Halloween. She and her two younger sisters (23, 17, & 16) are the only ones responsible for the arrangements. Unfortunately her mother’s death was sudden and unexpected and she did not have any money at the time. Her younger sister Sammi set up a go fund me and anything you can donate helps.

You can find it here, and please spread the word.