Mustache Arcade – Level 28

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Here it is once again the Mustache Arcade. Now before we begin I must apologize that I wasn’t feeling well when this was recorded and there is a lot of coughing. I didn’t want to do it but try as I might I couldn’t get them all out. It was also very late and with the sick plus the time I wasn’t too right in the head so you may hear some jumps in the audio. That was me editing out the long winded rambles I went on. I only kept the ones I though you might enjoy. So anyway onto the show.

Before and After – Hudson Hawk


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So it’s time for a new episode, but oh what’s this? Only Derrick and I were able to do this one so we picked a movie that the others would never stand for. We watched Hudson Hawk and were pretty surprised. Wanna know why? Take a listen.

Here is the ambulance ride I was talking about.