Before and After – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


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Ho Ho How are you all doing? Merry Christmas and thanks for thinking of your friends here at Finely Groomed. So now here we are with a Christmas special, Rare Exports. This is a Finnish movie where half of the case is in subtitles (so is the trailer, sorry) and the crew has some mixed reactions to the film. Due to finals Jackie could not join us for this round but she got an A so good thing she missed it. Enjoy the podcast!

Mustache Arcade – Level 27

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It’s been a long time coming but I am back and with me I bring a new episode of the Mustache Arcade. We talk about things like what we have been playing. We tell some news, and we ask some questions of each other. If you would like to submit a question it can be done below (we need to hear from you). So hop on in and enjoy Level 27 of the Mustache Arcade.

The Return

So after I have been going about and going to school and what not, my return is nigh. Tonight we are recording a new episode of Before and After and we are going to be able to record more episodes of your favorite podcasts and shows. There will soon be more of Mustache Arcade, Before and After, A dapper stroll through, and we are trying to work out times for more episodes of West Virginia Senior Swingers Club. I am unaware of the status of Underquailifed but we will do what we can. Lets Bring in 2014 with a new group of fans and more entertainment for people who have been there from the beginning.