With a heavy heart…


I am here to announce that I will not be able to be part of the website for about 4 months. I am going on a hiatus because I am current attending training for a job that once I get will allow me to make bigger and better changes to the site. Seeing as I am the host of Mustache Arcade and Before and After I am handing the reigns down to my co hosts. The Mustache Arcade will now be host by Player 3 (whom I predict will call himself player 1), and Before and After will now be hosted by Miss Jackie Brown. The hosts have the ability to change the show how they like so I am curious to see how it will change. I may pop back into episodes if I randomly have the time but for the most part I am gone. Looking forward to seeing you all again upon my return and to see what will happen in my absence.Have fun the both of you.


The Mustache Arcade – Saint’s Row 4 part 1

Click the picture to download

Click the picture to download

Yes it’s late I know there has been quite a lot of things going on lately but it’s here now. This is not so much a spoiler as the Bioshock one is but I do warn you just in case you’re fickle about that kind of thing. In part one we discuss what we liked about the game and our opinions up to that point. Part 2 should be out by either Wednesday or Thursday if things go well. TTYL


I’m going through a lot of real life things at the moment (nothing bad) and I have been very busy and unable to post lately. I will attempt to upload some things in the next few days but I felt that everyone should know that the site is not down.