A Dapper Stroll Through… Gunstar Heroes #1

It’s a brand new show with a brand new smell. The Mustache arcade has made a walk through show called “A Dapper Stroll Through…” and for our first stroll we are exploring the world of Gunstar Heroes. It’s a fun futuristic shooter brought to you by sega of the past. Take a look and enjoy.

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Before and After – Gojira

Click the poster to download

Click the poster to download

So for our first movie in our biweekly schedule we watched Gojira and had some interesting points to make about it. Player 3 steps in for Jackie who was feeling bad the day we recorded. She will be there next time so don’t worry.

Mustache Arcade – Level 23

Click the picture to download

Click the picture to download

Due to a recent discovery I made of Breaking Bad episode 23 is a bit late. Regardless here it is a brand new episode in our ongoing series “Mustache Arcade”. We talk about video games and such, you know or don’t you? If not welcome new listener. If you have heard it and don’t know… PAY ATTENTION! Either way have fun and welcome to the mustache arcade.

Here is the bonus episode where we talk about MGS3.


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Also here is the Pogo Stick

Def Jam - Fight For NY - Pogo Stick

And here is the trailer for monster hunter 4

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The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays: SCP Containment Breach (Part 4)

The moral of this episode: no one listens to Jec, but they should. His plans work.

Due to a game glitch which caused all of the buttons for the elevator to disappear, trapping us in the basement, we decided to entertain our audience with a new game rather than starting over again. The bug has been reported on the official forum for SCP: Containment Breach.

Thus this is the final chapter in the horrific adventures of The FedExecutioner. He/she will be missed.

So next week, a new game with new jokes and new newness will begin! Enjoy our final romp through the horrors of SCP: Containment Breach. And you should download and play the game for yourself. It is awesome.


New show is coming.

a dapper gent

So I know it’s Wednesday and you might be thinking, “Where is Mustache Arcade?” Well Instead of recording episode 23 we recorded the first episode of our new youtube walkthrough show: “A Dapper Stroll through…” We are at the moment working on editing it. Player 3 is behind me as we speak putting the film together. So stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

From All of us at The Mustache Aracde

PS Try not to rage quit.