The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays: Cry of Fear

Hello, dudes. Jec here.

I’m not sure how familiar any of our dearies are with this Half-Life mod someone made into a survival/horror game, but we heard about it when it just recently went free to download on Steam. As a survival/horror enthusiast and total fanboy, I was extremely excited to play it.

We only got through the first chapter. It looks like it is a pretty long game with several interesting creatures just in the first chapter. While we make jokes throughout, I’ll probably play this game on my own time later and crap my pants in the dark.

Also, please share this video over facebook, twitter, tumblr, or wherever you internet-savvy people post things. We’d love new and different people see it, for we are quite smitten with it… We also crave popularity, attention and the admiration of others. You know, the standard stuff.

Thank you, dudes.


I’ll admit, I periodically check for Pyramid Head behind me when I walk the dog on a foggy day

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