Mustache Arcade – Level 19

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Huh? Wha? Can it be? The lost level 19? Yes it is, the Ka-tet of the mustache arcade have journeyed long and hard to find the sacred level. Seriously though I really appreciate everyone’s patience. Life just got in the way and we just weren’t able to bring it to you any sooner. So here it is the extra long level 19.

Our big boss battle is coming up so don’t forget to send us your serious questions.

Before and After – Hitman

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I will give you 47 reasons to like this movie. It’s better then you think (repeat 46 times).

We have here again another episode of Before and After to bring smiles to your faces. If you come to the show seeking the sultry sounds of the voice of a black Adonis however, you shall be disappointed this day. Derrick’s voice was shot so he had a stand in join us by the name of Taylor. Hitman is a video game movie that everyone including myself wrote off and never wanted to watch, but man were we surprised. Check it out.

Underqualified: Episode Twenty-Seven: Be a Gatling Gun of Questions

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Underqualified: Episode Twenty-Seven: Be a Gatling Gun of Questions (05/22/2013)

In this daring tale of hoopla, Jec, Holden and their guest Kelley, the host of the podcast Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, delve into your burning geek and nongeek questions alike. Questions such as but not limited to: when is it appropriate to poop in your prospective significant others home, how to stop thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, and how to introduce your girlf or boyf to your geekdoms.

Render unto us your questions! Simply type them in the box and hit “Submit”.

Also, check out Kelley’s podcast, Mating Habits of the Modern Geek. Look! A fancy picture to take you there.

Hear the Inception noise anytime you want!

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This episode featured the songs “Awake” and “Lies” by Mankind Is Obsolete. If you like Mankind Is Obsolete’s music, which you should, you can listen to or download their music at or

Underqualified’s Special Guest!

Hey, dudes. Jec here.

I’m incredibly happy to announce that Kelley, the host of The Mating Habits of the Modern Geek, will be our guest this fortnight on Underqualified! If you haven’t heard her show before, follow the link above and give it a listen.

Whether you have heard her show before or not, send in your geek and non geek related questions today and get them answered on the show!

Type your geek and non geek relationship questions questions  below and hit “Submit”. It’s completely anonymous, so there is no reason not to ask.

Under Qualification

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Bizarro we will talk to you about your dating problems, and we will answer questions. It’s Clint, Derrick, Playa 3, and our guest Jackie answering your inquiries about love, life, the universe, and all that jazz. What secrets do we know, what advice do we tell, and what is everyone wearing? Some of these and more will be answered on the latest episode of Under Qualification. BIZARRO!

The West Virginia Senior Swingers Club Plays: Cry of Fear

Hello, dudes. Jec here.

I’m not sure how familiar any of our dearies are with this Half-Life mod someone made into a survival/horror game, but we heard about it when it just recently went free to download on Steam. As a survival/horror enthusiast and total fanboy, I was extremely excited to play it.

We only got through the first chapter. It looks like it is a pretty long game with several interesting creatures just in the first chapter. While we make jokes throughout, I’ll probably play this game on my own time later and crap my pants in the dark.

Also, please share this video over facebook, twitter, tumblr, or wherever you internet-savvy people post things. We’d love new and different people see it, for we are quite smitten with it… We also crave popularity, attention and the admiration of others. You know, the standard stuff.

Thank you, dudes.


I’ll admit, I periodically check for Pyramid Head behind me when I walk the dog on a foggy day