Dear dearies, you’re a week early.

Hello, dearies. Jec from Underqualified here.

Starting next Monday and every Monday there after, we will be releasing episodes of our new video show: The West Virgina Senior Swingers Club. Don’t be offended or disgusted.

The premise of the show is Clint, Derrick and myself enjoy or suffer through a video game either we or you people have suggested. The best jokes, comments and generally hilarious moments are all cut together into ten minuteish segments for your viewing pleasure.

The first game will be the 18 wheeler simulator Rig ‘n’ Roll.

I am so excited to be doing this. It was a hoot and a holler to make.

See you dearies next Monday for the release!


And all the ladies say I’m pretty fly for a guy that has a very diverse ethnic background

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