Mustache Arcade – Level 11

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Sorry for the delay everyone, I tried my very best to get it out on time but the editing was hectic as balls. We recorded in a bit of a noisy environment and as a result there are A LOT of background noises I couldn’t remove without severly reducing the quality of the audio. Again I apologize for both the noise and the delay.

Anywhosel, in this episode we have our returning guest Donald Spaghetti, Player 3, Derrick, and Myself talking about the things we normally chat about. Although we were in a rush and talked way more about the games we have been playing then anticipated. Those games by the way are, Playstation All stars battle royal, Zone of Enders, Skyrim, and Halo 4. We have a quick news battle, and then answer a question from a fan.

The avid listener will notice that our theme song is new. If you like it the song is “8 Bit Mixtape” by Eclectic Method. Click here to visit his Facebook page and like his stuff.

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Mustache Arcade – Boss Battle #1

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Well we did it we made it to the first boss Gohma and we have plenty of deku seeds, nuts, and our trusty slingshot to defeat her!… What’s that? You just have questions? Well we can handle that too you weird spider-like bitch, GET OUT OF THE DEKU TREE YOU SLUT!!!

Anyway this episode is a monumental on in more then one way because not only is this our 10th episode it’s also the first one to have a guest, Player 3’s god brother Donald. That’s right Gohma was a bit to much so we summoned allies. We are just answering questions so no break down and no vids to post. So let’s get right down into it shall we.

Here is the question box, you know what to do >;)

Underqualified: Episode Thirteen: I Like the Idea of Apocalyptic Planning as a Date (11/07/2012)

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Underqualified: Episode Thirteen: I Like the Idea of Apocalyptic Planning as a Date (11/07/2012)

In this tale of woe and comedy, Jec, Holden and their friend who no longer wants to be referred to as The King of Greensboro, aka Guy, discuss topics including but not limited to: how to make long distance relationships work and things to prepare for before getting into one, if it’s okay to tell if someone is dating material based on whether or not they have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, some listener confesses that Holden sounds hotter than Jec, and Jec hides his infinite sadness over that information.

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This episode featured the songs “Awake” and “Lies” by Mankind Is Obsolete. If you like Mankind Is Obsolete’s music, which you should, you can listen to or download their music at or