Underqualified: Episode Ten: Ample Bosom

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Underqualified: Episode Ten: Ample Bosom (09/26/2012)

In this heavy celebrity name-dropping episode, including Nichelle Nichols, David Bowie, and Ross Campbell (I love you!!!), Jec, Holden, and their first returning guest Clayton Wick tackle the hard questions like what questions they really want people to ask them, how much you should reveal about past relationships on a first date, how do you tell a mermaid you’re in love with you killed her father, and if they would refuse to talk to someone who was reading 50 Shade of Gray. In addition, Holden manages to insult at least five people or groups of people, Jec cannot speak correctly, and Clayton reveals that he would sleep with Ian McKellen for the bragging rights.

Here is the article one of you asked us to discuss (which we do in this episode): http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/06/16/the-failure-state-of-clever/

And here is a link the the free game Clayton mentioned: Fuck Oregon; Let’s Go Find El Dorado.

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This episode featured the songs “How We Roll” and “Union Pool” by Plushgun. If you like Plushgun’s music, which you should, you can listen to it and download it from iTunes or amazon.com.

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Mustache Arcade – Level 6

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Hey party people and welcome to a special Mustache Arcade. What makes it so special you ask? Well it’s the first time it’s EVER been the 6th episode! Also it’s the shortest one but that’s because of time constraints. Anyway this week as always we chat about the games we’ve been playing. Derrick and I are pulling out some gamecube classics with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Metriod Prime. Player 3 has been to busy to play anything but we do report on a video game episode of Gravity Falls.

In news we talk about the details of the upcoming WiiU. Player 3 reports on the newest Super Robot Wars game. Then I talk about a new game but old favorite recently released on the Xbox arcade and the PSN. Then we move on into our lists of the top 5 best Oh Shit! moments in games.

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Underqualified: Episode Nine: We Need Her to Get Shot at So We Can Explain to Her We’re Secret Agents

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Underqualified: Episode Nine: We Need Her to Get Shot at So We Can Explain to Her We’re Secret Agents (09/12/2012)

Jec, Holden, and their guest Dan T. Badass answer the toughest questions they have ever been asked. Dan explains the maximum percentage of monster a woman can have for him to still find her attractive, Holden shows off his vast knowledge of secret agents with his only sources being James Bond, Archer, and Alpha Protocal, and Jec warns people that if you show that you trust him too soon, he’ll run away from you.

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This episode featured the songs “Parasite” and “Troubled Dreams” by Mankind is Obsolete. If you like Mankind Is Obsolete’s music, which you should, you can listen to or download their music at music.mkio.com or amazon.com.

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Mustache Arcade – Level 5

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Gather round children and watch this old arcade cabinet do it’s thing. For just the price of one quarter you too could be playing The Mustache Arcade. This week Derrick talks about Saint’s Row the Third, Player 3 talks about Disgaea 4, and I tell a tale about the pits of hell in Dante’s Inferno. We also get caught up in a random news battle and tackle it with stories about the upcoming Scribblenauts game, a new game from Nippon Ichi, and a new Virgil for the upcoming DMC reboot. We then answer that age old question, “What kind of game character would you be if you were part of the game universe?”

All this and more so press start and enjoy.

This is the new DMC trailer BTW’s

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