Mustache Arcade – Level 3

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You did it, you leveled up! Welcome to level 3 of the Mustache Arcade. In this episode like always we discuss the games we’ve be playing. Derrick talks about Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Player 3 talks about Assassins Creed: Revelations, and I discuss the weirdest game I’ve ever played, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. We talk about what’s new in the gaming world amongst Fighters, Special Editions, and Genre Crossovers. The Derrick and I get into a heated discussion about the future of motion capture and segue into an idea that could result in the fall of GameStop. It’s all here in Level 3

Also here is the trailer for the game Derrick was talking about…


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Underqualified: Episode Five: That Takes Ovarian Fortitude

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Underqualified: Episode Five: That Takes Ovarian Fortitude (07/18/2012)

In this episode, Jec, Holden and their wishes-she-was-infused-with-superpowers guest Ariel discuss a number of topics including unconventional date ideas, a thought provoking either/or question to pose to a stranger you wish to talk to, how much similar musical interests should matter when trying to find a mate, and Jec shows of his hearing disability by talking over Holden and Ariel at least a dozen times each.

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For those who want more info on a few of the things we talked about:

Number stations:

This is not ok, cupid:

Boffer weapons:

Muggle Quidditch:

Diablo Swing Orchestra (because what’s better than metal swing music?):

This episode featured the songs “Awake” and “Silent Killer” by Mankind is Obsolete. If you like Mankind Is Obsolete’s music, which you should, you can listen to or download their music at or

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Befor and After: The Warrior’s Way

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Here we are again with “The Warrior’s Way” a movie that surprised us all. Special guest Ariel.

Also try as I might I could not get the audio for the trailer so here is the video instead…


So what did we think of the film? If you don’t have the time to listen, here’s what we thought.


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?:  Three stars and one white dwarf out of five.

Describe How the Movie Made You Feel: It’s like you ate an entire cake made of fudge, and it was perfect. And you didn’t get sick, and you had your cake and you ate it too… Somehow.


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?: Eight point six stars out of ten (which is closer to nine than eight).

Describe How the Movie Made You Feel: It’s like you go to a friends house for dinner, and they serve mac and cheese. But you noticed that the milk they used has been expired for about a week. And you’re worried, but you want to be nice so you eat the mac and cheese anyway, even though it tastes a little funny. Then later when you get home, your stomach is all rumbley and you’re preparing for massive diarrhea. So you run to the bathroom, holding your cheeks together, trying not to let anything spill out as you skulk. Victoriously, you sit on the toilet and think, “Sweet. I made it”. But then instead of pooping, you hear a strange noise, you feel better, and you look down yo see the toilet is overflowing with delicious cake.


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?:  Nine point five out of ten.

Describe How the Movie Made You Feel: So you’re at a fourth of July thing. There’s food. People you like. You’re happy. Having a couple of drinks. Then someone says, “Time for fireworks”. And then you’re like, “Awesome. I hope they have those roman candles. I like those roman candles. Oh man, they got those roman candles. Awesome. Let’s see them go off.” And when they go off they’re actually roman candle pinata’s that shoot burning balls of candy that land in your hand and turn into whatever you like the absolute most (we now dub this roman candy).


also just for fun…

Mustache Arcade – Level 2

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Hey there everyone once again we’re back to give you a rip roaring episode of the Mustache Arcade.

This time in the what we’ve been playing section Derrick talks about Onechanbara: bikini zombie slayers, Player 3 talks about Infamous 2, and I talk about Alice: Madness Returns. Just what we say is there to listen about. In the news section we discuss the new Hitman HD collection, Player 3 writes a love letter to Hideo Kojima, and we talk about how wrong we we’re about the Wii U.

We also discuss the best and worst controllers. Details are there for your earholes.

[The Worst]

[The Best]






Also here is the MGS secret theater movie we were talking about…