Underqualified: Episode Two: Curl Up and Prepare to Die Alone

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Underqualified: Episode Two: Curl Up and Prepare to Die Alone (05/23/2012)

In this episode, Jec, Holden, and Amanda discuss a number of topics including scaring pickup lines, matchmaking websites, and post-apocalyptic dates.

If you’d like to take this podcast with you rather than listen to it streaming, download it here.

This episode featured the songs “Pulse of the Earth” and “Bumble” from Hungry Lucy. If you like their music, which you should, you can purchase their music from hungrylucy.com or amazon.com

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8 thoughts on “Underqualified: Episode Two: Curl Up and Prepare to Die Alone

  1. Paul says:

    seagulls are the duffs of the animal world

  2. Paul says:

    most double standards break in guys’ favor, so complaining about the few that don’t is bad form ;)

  3. Jec says:

    It is an unfortunate truth about our country that most double standards favor the men more often than the women. However, it is hard to see that when you are thinking about all the free Zali Mongolian Grill dinners you could have had.

  4. Lojo says:

    11:45 The “Im new in town….but not really thing”….totally creepy

  5. Lojo says:

    25:50 Age guessing game is never good. You’ll either insult them by guessing too old or sound like a pedo if you guess too low.

  6. Lojo says:

    There is the DUFF and the TCB (taken cock blocker). They are the safety nets girls bring with them but also tend to be the way you get in with talking to the girl you want to get to know.

    • Jec says:

      The TCB is legitimate. Sometimes you need that backup to escape from the graspy hands of an over-zealous stranger. I have needed one before and been one for others.

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