Before and After: Rubber

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Hey there everyone! Clint here, and once again Jec and myself have taken up the task of watching movies. Well, it’s not that big of a task. Or is it?

We stumbled across a little film on Netflix called “Rubber”, and along with our guest host Derrick, of All the Fuss fame, we watched this… Movie? I question this because can you call something this bad anything other than garbage? Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean. Come with us to the world of film, and join us on our quest through this train wreck of film.

Here it is, and here we go. Before and After episode 2: Rubber

Our Thoughts of Rubber:


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?: At least 7,500 black holes.

Describe How the Movie Made You Feel: It’s like if someone offered you some dirt cake. Seeing how realistic it looks, you ask, “Is this dirt?” They reply, “No. It’s dirt cake.” Happy with the prospect of free cake, you take a bite out of it only to discover it’s just dirt.”


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?: One infinite black hole that sucks in all of the other black holes.

How Did This Movie Make You Feel?: It’s like if you went to the fair and you saw a guy making cotton candy. But he is only selling white cotton candy. You’ve never tried white cotton candy before, so you buy it. You bite into it, and it’s just salt. You were excited for a moment, but then… Eghh!


How Many Stars Does This Movie Deserve?: Three black cubes.

How Did This Movie Make You Feel?: So you’re driving down the road, having a good time. It’s a little hot out but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Then your tire goes flat. It’s alright, you’ve got a spare in the trunk. You open up the trunk, boom, the tire blows your head up, drives off and makes this movie (and takes your wallet and uses your money to fund the movie).

2 thoughts on “Before and After: Rubber

  1. Paul says:

    As soon as you started talking about things in the trailer making sense, I knew you were going to have trouble with Rubber. It never intended to make sense, to take advantage of the audience. It is meta in a theatrical way, but not in the snarky way. If anything, it’s gleeful. Rubber is awesome. I gave it 5 stars when I watched it last December.

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