All the Fuss: The most solid snake

Down a man but not deterred its the All the Fuss crew. This week we chat about video games. We discus what we hope to see out of E3 this year. We talk about the things that make great games truly great. We also answer some questions from the listeners. It’s a good show if I do say so myself and I was there.

I knew there was a new trailer for Bioshock Infinite and here it is:

Also here is the latest Assassins Creed 3 trailer we we’re referring to:

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My Apoligies

Sorry to say but this week’s All The Fuss is going to be late. It will be up either late Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It has been recorded and I feel it was a good show even though it was down a whole Derrick the two of us held of the show and pulled through. Thank you for the patients and hope you enjoy once it is complete.


Underqualified: Episode Two: Curl Up and Prepare to Die Alone

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Underqualified: Episode Two: Curl Up and Prepare to Die Alone (05/23/2012)

In this episode, Jec, Holden, and Amanda discuss a number of topics including scaring pickup lines, matchmaking websites, and post-apocalyptic dates.

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This episode featured the songs “Pulse of the Earth” and “Bumble” from Hungry Lucy. If you like their music, which you should, you can purchase their music from or

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