This is The Post

The Crew

Name: Uncle Mustache

Jobs: Founder, Benevolent Overlord Lead Leader, Submarine Driver

Favorite Food: Squid

Clint (alt text)

Clint (image caption)

Name: Clint

Jobs: Animator, Artist, Writer, Fine Lookin’ Man

Favorite Show to Watch on Netflix: Colombo, Archer, Shaun the Sheep.

Favorite Shows to Watch Online: Anything by Egoraptor or Harry Partridge, Two Best Friends Play

Most Inspirational Song: I Would Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf

Jec alt text

Jec Default Caption

Name: Jec

Jobs: Writer, Editor, Lead Fashion Coordinator, Plays Mass Effect

Most Visited Websites: Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Google.com

Favorite Websites: Isitchristmas.com, The-black-angel.com, wikipedia.org

Greatly Inspired By: Shikhee, The Doctor, George Washington

This is a test of what the about section could look like. We can rebuild it. Stronger. Better. Funnier. Entertaining-er.

… It’s 3:28 A.M. and I still can’t sleep. At least I’m being productive and testing out how to do things on the website.

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