Beach adventure births new podcast

Jesse and I went on a vacation to the beach, and while we were there we spawned a new podcast for the people. It’s called “Before and After”. The two of us and possibly a guest look up a movie we’ve never heard of. We then watch the trailer and do a review based on the trailer. We then come back after watching it and review the movie itself. It’s quite fun. The first movie we watched was Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000. How did we feel about it you might be surprised. Check it out. Goes Live on Monday, May 7th 2012! (Which Is the first Monday in May)

It’s official! will begin posting content every week starting Monday, May 7th, 2012. Having nothing to do with coincidences but having everything to do with an awesome day, that is two days after Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 5th).

While the finely groomed crew is working with other people to get even more quality content on a weekly basis, we have our starting lineup ready to dazzle you starting that day mentioned above. So here’s the schedule:

Monday: Angry Shepard

Wednesday: Podcast day. All the Fuss and Underqualified will be updated on alternating weeks (All the Fuss one week, Underqualified the next, repeat)

Friday: Blind Man and Useless Boy webcomic

We’re going to the beach this weekend to make a giant sand mustache, so we’ll see all you beautiful people in the coming weeks.


And that’s why they call me David Bowie.

Upcoming Podcast: Underqualified

We’ve been doing this for a while. Check out our episodes both new and old by clicking here.

Underqualified is a podcast about people with the best of intentions. While each panelist may not have the personal experience or proper education to aid others in their relationship issues, their vast knowledge of what not to do, what seems plausible in their favorite works of fiction, and what they think would be awesome can be surprisingly helpful.

Is it funny? Is it depressing? Is it helpful? You decide when three people who suffer from never having a stable, long-term, or healthy relationships; or a plethora of other relationships issues attempt to aid others with their problems.

Panelist Info

Go ahead! Ask us a question for the show!